If you believe you have a life-threatening emergency, please go straight to the emergency room or dial 911 and do not continue with this request.

If you believe you are in labor, please go to Labor & Delivery and do not continue with this request.

NON-EMERGENCY CALLS, CALLS FOR APPOINTMENTS OR PRESCRIPTIONS WILL BE CHARGED $35/CALL - If your request is regarding an appointment, a prescription, or other non-emergency please call the office 8:00-4:30 Monday through Thursday and 8:00-2:00 on Friday.

If you need to speak to the on-call doctor, please submit this emergency request below and the on-call provider will contact you within 60 minutes.
For the fastest response you agree to receive a message from the on call Provider to this number. Number forwarding and Google voice are not secure and will not work.
If you will be needing a prescription or requesting a refill please enter your prescription name above and pharmacy phone number, closing time and allergies before submitting this request.